“I worked closely with the BusyBee team in defining the positioning of Brand Myntra.

They are are a passionate team and their approach is hands on, commonsensical and bottoms up. Hence, their recommendations are practical and effective.

Myntra’s brand positioning (‘Look Good’) exercise and communication strategy around the positioning was very helpful for the brand and its growth”

Ashutosh Lawania Co-Founder: Myntra

“We worked with the Busybee team to help us understand our customers in depth and build a brand roadmap for the next few years.

My experience with the team of Guru, Akash and Suharsh was fantastic and have recommended them ahead in multiple organizations.

3 things have stood out for me: Ability to bring traditional brand management knowledge into the world of ever evolving startups. They have done this by keeping their recommendations very real and actionable. Leads to a lot of positive action, than a report that languishes in a folder.

The other notable trait has been how strongly they embrace the brand and think as passionately about it as the client. They do not measure the amount of thought, follow ups and concern for the brand in terms of billing hours spent. Reassuring for a start up whose team works mostly on passion!

Finally, as is expected, and available in surplus, is an extremely strong consumer and brand understanding. Helps really think long term as well as tactical. The success of Busybee and the many more clients they have is testament to the quality of the team and output. Wishing them the best!”

Sudarshan Gangrade Vice President: Category, Marketing, Analytics, Partnerships at Ola Cabs

“We had a wonderful experience working with the Busybee team from Day 1. Via their project, they accomplished the extremely difficult task of making marketing a science. This started with the first step - their detailed scientific research methodology. This was followed by on-ground conversations across multiple stakeholders to generate crisp actionable customer insights. The fact that they work on only one project at a time,is enough to understand the depth involved in this process. They managed to earn the respect of even die hard sceptics in the team, as a result. I would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone looking to learn more about their customers, which should be everyone !”

Anand Ayyadurai CEO: VOGO

"Gurudev and his team joined us at a critical position in HolidayIQ's  brand journey and were able to quickly and effectively articulate some of the key propositions of both the brand as well as the category.

It is to their credit that we were able to very confidently launch a successful brand campaign basis the insights gleaned from their research. I wish the team luck in everything they undertake"

Hari Nair Founder: HolidayIQ

“Guru and his team worked within a really tight time frame to gather maximum insight about our brand.

They even went further and checked insights about other brands in a similar space. Finally they were able to help us re discover the pure essence of the brand and help us reframe our strategies. Truly helpful”

Arun Chittilappilly Managing Director: Wonderla Holidays Ltd

“We are delighted to have established a strong connect with Team Busy Bee.

In them, we have found a partner rather than just a consulting advisor. This was key for us.

As we started sensing deeper aspects of branding, we wanted someone who could give context to our operating realities and mindset.

More than someone who was cautious with our approach, we wanted someone who could be bold and challenge and knock our incorrect notions.

This is a team that has been on the client side for years and they did just that. And as a result quick won the confidence and respect of our entire team”

Amuleek Singh Bijral Founder: Chai Point

"BusyBee team was very thorough in their market research and quite sharp in their analysis.

It significantly helped us shape our product strategy and marketing communications.

I would highly recommend them as marketing partners for a high potential startup”

Lalit Mangal Co-Founder: CommonFloor.com

“Very collaborative, incredibly professional and pleasure to work with - that's how we would like to describe Busy Bee Brands.

Their research approach was one of the most in-depth ones that we would have experience for our category till now and they bring a very balanced, market driven perspective to the table.

Their recommendations were insightful and actionable. It has been a great experience for us to be associated with Busy Bee Brands”

Kanupriya Sindhu VP: Product Marketing at Canvera

"An enduring brand is built on the foundation of customer insights, clarity and simplicity.

In a world where brand loyalty is increasingly being bought, Guru and team have mastered the rare art of building enduring brands”

Ganapathy Venugopal CO-founder and CEO: Axilor Ventures

“Guru and team often get it right because they try getting into the minds of the customers. That, perhaps is their biggest differentiator”

TGC Prasad CEO & MD: mSupply

"We are really glad we worked with Busy Bee. It is always good to get an outsider's perspective on your business, as they can bring in a new thinking.

And Busy Bee did exactly the same for us.

We found the entire team to be very professional and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Busy Bee to any company, be it a startup or a big established company”

Vishnu Saraf Co-Founder: Truweight

“Busy Bee team provided us fresh pair of eyes to look at our customers, brand & the industry we operate in. We loved their professionalism, comprehensive research & actionable insights. We look forward to working with them again”

E R Ashok Kumar CEO & Co-founder, Scripbox

“We had a wonderful association with BusyBeeBrands which went a long way in shaping our brand strategy and proposition. Thanks to them coming on board at an early stage in our brand building journey and helping us put together sharp consumer insights based on an extensive on-ground research, I feel more confident about our ongoing marketing efforts and future plans. From their research backed methodology to approach of working with one brand at a time & spending a lot of quality time understanding the organisation culture first, to their involvement in all brand marketing activities almost as an extended marketing team throughout their association, there is a lot to praise”

Rahul Chaudhary Co- Founder: Treebo

“The team at Busy Bee helped choose our brand name and defined the early guidelines for what the brand would look like. The result was a simple and easy to remember name Inito which resonated well with our product in a really short timeline”

Aayush Rai Co-Founder: Inito

“It was a pleasure working with BusyBee team. We will definitely do more work together. All the best”

Ramabhadran A P Sr Vice President: Manipal Global Education Services Ltd

“It was great working with the Busybee team during the brand positioning of Elanic. We had always prided ourselves on being close to and understanding our user but the level of depth brought into consumer research by the Busybee team was revelation for us. They helped us determine the core essence of the brand along with some actionable insights. It was wonderful working with them and we look forward to working with them again.”

Abhilash Narahari Co-Founder: Elanic

“We really enjoyed working with BusyBeeBrands. Guru, Aakash and Suharsh are a great team. They go beyond their scope of work with single minded focus on delivering their clients value. We found the teams work insightful, relevant and honest. We derived great value working with BusyBee and wish them the very best”

Suhasini Sampath Co-founder at Yoga Bar

It was wonderful collaborating with the Busybee team on developing a strategy for Yoga Bar. I really liked the way you squeezed consumer data to draw many meaningful inferences, using very relevant frameworks.You were very good at getting the brand team's feedback and coming back with excellent ways to move ahead. I feel satisfied that at the end of the process, we have a YogaBar strategy that has a very authentic ring to it, is distinctive and highly actionable
Great work and hope to do more with Busybee”

Kannan Sitaram Venture Partner, CXO Mentor, Fireside ventures

"We have done two projects with Gurudev and his team and the bottom line is we will do many more with them.

What sets Busybee apart is the intensity of focus and simplicity in consumer insights that they bring in as part of the research.

I guess, doing just one project at a time with complete focus has helped.

I have also been very impressed at the fact that BusyBee team is able to break down a complex project into simple parts not by pre conception of a structure but actually by discovery….they meet all stakeholders in a research from consumers, faculty members, corporate honchos, owners of institutions and actually listen to them. Only after their discovery do they glean out the insights and then structure it.

The other fact that makes Busybee stand out is that their research is truly actionable and our own involvement is deep purely because of the richness of the insights that they bring in.

Simplicity, deep field work (one on one) and a great insight and action capability brings value to the table"

Ramabhadran A P Sr Vice President: Manipal Global Education Services Ltd

"We decided to work with busybee at a very strategically crucial time for us, and our project with them has been extremely insightful and rewarding. Suharsh’s research immersion and attention to detail combined with Guru’s razor sharp insight mining process has helped us unravel the dual-brand, omni-channel retail & marketing knot. It’s rare to see the level of ownership, process-orientation & in-depth market analysis that the Busybees team brought to the table. I feel certain that brands across most industries in the country would benefit from engaging with Busybees."

Tanvi Malik Co-Founder: FabAlley & indya

"Having worked with the Busy Bee team across two different brands and projects I can comfortably say that the team works like insiders and not just consultants. Their approach is immersive, detailed and outcome centric. Their expertise in delivering pointed brand positioning and strategies comes across naturally as partners and their genuine care for the brands they associate with is visible at every step of the process. The approach and detailed information handed down at the end of the exercise not only benefits the marketing/ customer experience teams but equally all other stakeholders in the organisation. The methodology is highly practical and ends up being a learning experience for all involved. Busy Bee teams patient demeanor obviously helps and puts everyone at ease.

We have greatly benefited from our association with Busy Bee and would recommend them hands down to any start up brand looking to find their voice"

Diksha Pande Director - Operations, Community and Talent at CoWrks

"The BusyBee team (i) delivered frameworks to help us understand our customers better, (i) shaped not only our brand communication strategy but also helped align all business functions, (iii) helped execute the strategy with an action plan. As a result of engaging with BusyBee, we are now better positioned to sustainably differentiate our brand in a crowded industry. Wish we had engaged sooner! I would recommend the BusyBee team to every founder"

Sidharth Menda CEO - CoWrks

"Busybee team worked like our extended team, unearthing critical customer insights that helped us to launch Instamojo's 1st brand campaign and more"

Sampad Swain Co-founder & CEO - Instamojo

"We engaged with Busy bee brands after a fair bit of internal discussion on whether it would be worth the spend, given that we are a growth stage startup. I can clearly say now that it was worth every penny. The Busybee team is very committed, quick and thorough in their work. I really like their policy of working on one project at a time - gives the customer and the project undiluted attention. The insights that we got were sharp and gave us the requisite clarity required for future brand messaging that we needed to portray. I would not hesitate to work with them again"

Srikanth Iyer CEO | Co-Founder - HomeLane.com

"Thank you Guru and Suharsh for bringing the best out of the brand. We, at boAt never knew what the consumers used to think about it or how we could expand the possibilities. These insights were very useful and we have already started working on the suggestions made. Wishing you all the best and hope to work with you again"

Aman Gupta Co-Founder, boAt Lifestle

"I have worked with Guru and his team on two separate projects,the latest one being on DND Mosquito repellants. Their approach is to develop strategic options and alternatives based on consumer insights. DND operates in a category which has entrenched competitors and the category has little scope of product differentiation. However in the engagement BusyBee developed sharp options with potential positioning differentiators. They guided the Marketing team and the agency towards a winning concept. Overall a great outcome!"

Rajeev Bakshi Former MD, CadBury | Former Chairman, Pepsi India